Before You Come

Click here to download the Registration Form for minors
Leaders will receive a copy of the Adult form by email

Retreat Rules:
1. Check-out time is 11:00 a.m.
2. Cabins must be thoroughly cleaned before checking out.
3. Please respect the furniture and grounds of the retreat center.
4. No alcoholic beverages.
5. No smoking.
6. No silly string.
7. Cook only in designated areas.
8. No water balloons.
9. Quiet and in your cabin by 11:00 p.m.


Prior to your arrival, please email or fax a list containing the names of each guest and a letter on your church’s letterhead stating that those coming will be covered under your church’s insurance policy or a rider to that policy for your retreat with proof of insurance

We also require each guest to fill out a Registration and Release of Liability form.

The St George Island Christian Retreat Center is a ministry and vision of God, dedicated to his work, please dress and act appropriately!

What to Bring:
Signed registration forms for all minors and adults
Medication as needed
Linens (Bedding, Bath, etc.)
Beach shoes (enclosed toes are best)
Insect repellant
Sun screen
Eye protection (sunglasses, goggles)
Fishing gear (if that's your thing)

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